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Cowboy Poetry Week 2011: Our Contest Winner

cowboy poetry penWe had some lovely entries for our Cowboy Poetry contest in honor of Cowboy Poetry Week 2011. The winning entry below resonated with us for a few reasons: its sparse, but precise language; its ability to capture a slice of life; and its cool little twist at the end, which serves as a nice juxtaposition to the title.

The poet is Rowdy Yates (love that name!), a true cowboy who manages the Shooting Star Ranch in Montana with his wife Kristen. The couple has two boys, Cody and Colt, who ride broncs and bucs.

So without further ado, here's Rowdy and his winning poem:

Slow Day at the Ranch

It’s a slow day here at the ranch
40 head of horses fed, then watered down at the branch

I rode through the cows and doctored three
Then cut down that ol leanin tree

I cut it all up, but only got 2 cords
I hauled it in, then fixed those broke fence boards

I shod two geldings, and put to ridin’ a filly
She only bucked once, so I branded that bay mule, Willie

I changed the oil in that old Dodge truck
Then dang if I didn’t go get it stuck

I hitched the team and pulled it free
Then the storm clouds were brewin as far as I could see

So I headed to the barn to get outta the rain
All that and I have nothin to gain

It’s rainin real bad and I need to work soon
I may never finish this day, and it’s only noon


Congrats, Rowdy! Enjoy your western shirt from AJ's Western Wear.

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