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How to Dress Your Man like Blake Shelton

How to dress your man like Blake Shelton

Howdy ladies!

Remember when our favorite Okie crooner Blake Shelton got hitched with Miranda Lambert in their own country-fied meets fancy way? It can be tricky to get your cowboy to glamour up a bit and feel rough and tough. Somehow, Mrs. Blake Shelton got her man to do it – in blue jeans and boots, no less! Behold, the Cowgirl Shoppers have compiled their own look above that is sure to please the goose and the gander.

If you’re hankering for your man to strike up a compromise between country boy and highfalutin city slicker, it’s super easy to replicate Shelton’s look with these five staples:

Now, start out with that all-time favorite, the pearl snap button shirt. This is such an easy look for your other half to replicate. It’s carried by most Western fashion retailers (and AJ’s Western Wear is no slacker), because it’s comfy and country at the same time. Your cowboy can pair this shirt with any type of pants. But of course we know he’d never leave his jeans behind, unless they’re on the bedroom floor.

So, next you better rassle up some of his best boot-cut jeans. Perhaps your man already owns a few pairs or you’d like to replace his tried-and-true truckin’ trousers. Opt for a well-known and established brand like Wrangler or Ariat for that perfect boot-cut, cowboy-style pair of jeans. Blake Shelton sticks to these brands for his authentic Southern look. We reckon you’ll have no trouble convincing your man to a smart choice like this one – jeans are durable, comfortable, and can be worn all-year long – apparently, even at your own darn wedding!

Every cowboy’s gotta have the versatile vest. This understated piece can really pull an outfit together (c’mon now, don’t use this exact phrase to convince your man) while givin’ a much needed gentleman’s vibe to the ranch rascal you’ve got on your hands. Blake Shelton frequently pairs his vests with a cool pair of boot-cut jeans and a swanky suit-jacket. Vests can also be used as part of a classic three-piece suit set (if you can get him to stay in it long enough!)

Cowboy boots. The classic staple in ANY Western-inspired wardrobe will last forever provided you invest in a well-made real leather pair. And remember, while it may be the regular ‘ole style to go with brown or black – don’t be afraid to let loose a li’l electric cowboy in him and choose from all the colors and patterns that can act as neutrals or add retro Western detail. You know there are a whole heap of great boots out there, so don’t settle for anything less than the real thing like Shelton’s faves Lucchese, Corral, and Dan Post Company – so, get to scootin’!

A damn hot tie. When Blake Shelton struts that red-carpet you ain’t never seen him without a well-cut blazer, and sometimes even a well-matched modern tie. Neutral colors from gray, khaki, cream and brown may get him through the average day, but for that special event go for a jewel-tone that matches your very own lipstick, nail polish or the flowers in your hair. Go ahead, girls, and coordinate – you wanna hold on to your man!

Puttin’ it together

Are you surprised at how well-dressed your man can be with a little help from his partner in crime? Well, shout YEEHAW, pat yourself on the back, and get gussied up for that Blake Shelton concert! (Say, if any of ya’ll need some of your own help gettin’ purdy, then mozy on over to our Western Dresses department.)

Our Mamas always said life is just a whole mess of little things mixed up together. And there are plenty of small details that can make a cowboy look just yours, so find those that match your cowboy’s style. If you’re feelin’ at a loss for spunk and flair, get inspired by some of the best Shelton-Lambert looks below.

And don’t you forget the black felt hat – (we know when to leave the straw one back home on the porch!) Happy fussin’!

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