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Cowboy Poetry Break - Cowboys Don't Wear Crocs

A boy wearing Crocs
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It's Wednesday, hump day, and right before a l-o-n-g weekend. We thought we'd do something fun today. Cowboy poet Glen Enloe, who won our first annual Cowboy Poetry contest back in April, wrote this fun little gem and sent it to us.

Summer brings out all sorts of weird attire as people attempt to stay cool. And one of the oddest -- and most debated -- are those infamous Crocs. Do you wear 'em? Be careful how you answer. Check out Glen's poem below. Enjoy! 

Cowboys Don’t Wear Crocs

Although there be some debatin’
‘Bout if ol’ cowboys wear socks—
I can tell you fer a dern fact,
That true cowboys don’t wear Crocs.

They just don’t fit a stirrup right,
And bright colors scare the stock—
I’ll sure nuff shoot the first cowboy
I see wearin’ a new Croc!

Oh, we talk of Old West legends
Like our Jesses’ and Hickoks—
But I hope I never do see
Cowboys herdin’ in their Crocs!

And when that great cattle Master
Lays me low beneath the rocks—
Just make sure I’m wearin’ my boots
And not a pair of them Crocs!

--Glen Enloe

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