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Spotted: Cool People Wearing Our Shirts - Temple Grandin

Temple GrandinHave you heard of Dr. Temple Grandin? A renowned  scientist, she's an inspiration to people living with autism.

Temple didn't talk until close to her fourth birthday, and she was born at a time (1947) when so little was known about autism (she was originally diagnosed with brain damage).

But she grew to become a doctor of animal science, a college professor, a best-selling author, a consultant on the livestock industry, and a lifelong activist for people living with autism. She was recently named to Time magazine's Top 100 Heroes of 2010.

Temple also loves wearing shirts from AJ's Western Wear. That's her pictured to the left in one of our cowgirl shirts called "Ropes & Roses." 

Clare Danes recently won an Emmy for her portrayal of Temple in an original HBO film called Temple Grandin. Watch the short trailer below:

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