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Cowboy Spotlight

  • Spotted: Cool People Wearing Our Shirts - Temple Grandin

    Temple GrandinHave you heard of Dr. Temple Grandin? A renowned  scientist, she's an inspiration to people living with autism.

    Temple didn't talk until close to her fourth birthday, and she was born at a time (1947) when so little was known about autism (she was originally diagnosed with brain damage).

    But she grew to become a doctor of animal science, a college professor, a best-selling author, a consultant on the livestock industry, and a lifelong activist for people living with autism. She was recently named to Time magazine's Top 100 Heroes of 2010.

    Temple also loves wearing shirts from AJ's Western Wear. That's her pictured to the left in one of our cowgirl shirts called "Ropes & Roses."  Continue reading

  • Meet Todd "Big T" Deming - Kick-Ass Southern Rock Musician

    Todd "Big T" Deming Todd is wearing Scully "Pure White" from AJ's Western Wear

    For all you cowgirls and cowboys who love some kick-ass music, have I got a treat for you. I was lucky enough to do an interview with Todd "Big T" Deming, who is releasing his debut solo album, "Put Some South in Yer Mouth," TODAY (August 21).

    Todd "Big T" Deming Background
    Big T is a West Virginia native who was raised in Jackson County. After graduating from Ravenswood High School, he went on to WVU and later Marietta College in Ohio where he majored in music education while playing football. Todd later left school to play for the US Football Allstars, traveling the globe to Hawaii and even Germany.

    In 2000, Todd moved to Maine and he started the band Wolfcreek in an effort to bring Southern Rock to the North East. After a successful run of live shows and gaining a devoted fan base, Todd continues to carve out his own path. He's releasing his solo album in conjunction with Red Ridge Entertainment in Nashville. The album is being released through Magenta Records on 8/21.  Continue reading

  • Meet Soapy Smith - Old West Confidence Trickster

    Hey, all! Ol' Clementine here is back from a long holiday weekend. Hope your Independence Day celebrations were fun. I spent lots of time at family BBQs, and one of the things I love most about these get-togethers is the storytelling that takes place. Stories about ancestors, stories about crazy townspeople, stories about Clementine when she was a blushing girl of twenty and met a cowboy, and…

    Never you mind. That story is staying with me.

    Some other stories I like are the ones about characters from the Old West. God knows there were plenty of 'em, right? So today's post is brought to you by Brian McGovern, the "Brooklyn Magician" who is known for his "Hijinx Magic and Fun Show." Even though Brian hails from The Big Apple, he knows quite a bit about old-time tricksters. I asked him to share some stories, and he's gone and done just that below. Enjoy!  Continue reading

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